The staff who work at camp are dynamic, engaging, skilled, compassionate, empathetic and deeply passionate about their work with youth.

Since our Berkeley site runs for 11 weeks, most staff work for half of the summer, changing to a new team after 5 weeks. Most of our PM program staff stay for the entire summer. Girls on the Go Oakland staff will work for the entire 2 week period. Youth leaders change throughout the summer, usually attending 1-4 weeks at a time. The Wednesday before each camp week, we e-mail all enrolled families a session letter that specifies the staff and youth leaders for the upcoming week.

Staff 2017

Staff and Youth Leadership Director

Hello! I am thrilled to be part of the incredible Monkey Business Camp team.
A bit about me: I was raised between the gorgeous mountains of New Mexico and the diverse city life of Paris and love that I get to call the bay area my home today. I graduated from UC Berkeley where I enjoyed studying legal studies with an emphasis on social change, gender and immigration. I’ve spent the past 10 years working with youth in a multitude of contexts: summer camp counselor, teaching puberty and health ed in OUSD, guiding tweens in long term mentoring and rites of passage, facilitating workshops on consent, healthy relationships, and LGBTQ matters, and staffing at Spirit Rock teen retreat. Did I mention I love spending my time with kids and teens? Because I really do!
The rest of the time I can be found hiking, trying out new acroyoga poses, dancing, reading, spending time with loved ones, or scheming my next travel plans.


Group Leader

I am excited to join the Monkey Business Staff this year! I have dreamed of being a camp counselor ever since I went to day camps as a kid. Many years later, my dream turned into reality last year, as I spent 7 weeks at a sports stay-away camp in Massachusetts. This was on the tails on being a preschool AmeriCorps volunteer, teaching English and writing. In other words, I got you covered on arts and crafts, playing ukulele songs (how loud can you sing “Let it go”?) swimming, playing ultimate frisbee and making up crazy dances!
After UC Santa Cruz, I am currently spending my school years in Poland, teaching English and writing a Master’s thesis. Poland’s cool and all (a little too cool—it snowed in May!) but I can’t wait to come back to the Bay and meet all you campers! Let’s go run around the Bay!
Special skills include (but not limited to): having a loud voice; very good sense of direction; ability to sing you to sleep; baking without a measuring cup; cutting t-shirts and applying sunscreen very regularly.
I speak French and English natively; I could lead a preschool class in Spanish (but maybe not 3rd grade—intermediate); once upon a time, I was able to talk about the environment in Portuguese but it’s been a few years (pre-intermediate); and I am learning Polish, just about to finish my first year!


Site Director

Hey There, My name is Miriam and I am so excited to be part of the Girls on the Go team this summer! I was raised in Southern California but grew up going to sleep away camp in the beautiful Napa Valley. Making so many Bay Area friends at camp, I was inspired to attend UC Santa Cruz for undergrad and make Berkeley my new home! With so much love for camp and summer I wanted to spend the whole year working with young people and having fun. I spend the non-summer months working with the wonderful people at Classroom Matters helping students achieve their highest goals in school through tutoring and after care. Otherwise I can be found dancing, working on arts and crafts, or cooking up some tasty gluten free snacks. Let the summer fun begin!
Miriam is an advanced Spanish speaker and beginner Hebrew speaker.


Site Director

Odile Nicole is thrilled at the opportunity to spend the Summer in Berkeley as Site Director for ‘Girls on the Go’. The last several years she has been based in New Orleans, LA, learning about the rich creole roots of Louisiana culture and environment. Odile works as a professional teaching artist. A theatre artist by trade, she creates original works of art either alone or with creative ensembles. Simultaneously, she brings the performing arts into the classroom, teaching children to step more fully into creative collaboration, and integrating the arts into the academic curriculum. She has over twenty years of experience working with children and is constantly learning from the experience. You would know her for her passion for creativity, mindfulness practice, personal development, relational intelligence, travel, singing and dance (particularly partner dancing). She is also fluent in Spanish.

Group Leader

Hi everyone! I’m Olivia and I’m super excited to be a part of Girls on the Go this summer! I’ve grown up in Oakland where I spend most of my time rowing on the estuary or up in the hills, hiking with my dog. I went to Monkey Business and Girls on the Go myself and have the fondest memories of traveling all around the Bay Area to try new things! I’ve worked as a camp counselor at the Oakland SPCA Animal Camp as well as a CIT for Monkey Business a few years ago and I am super pumped to return! I am graduating from Oakland Tech this year and attending UC Davis in the fall and majoring in Animal Biology.