Financial Aid Info

A high quality camp takes resources to run well, so our camp tuition is not the cheapest around! At the same time, it is a high priority for us that our camp have kids from many economic backgrounds. We offer several options to defray the cost of camp tuition for families attending Monkey Business Camp programs. These include: Flexible Personalized Payment Plans, Work/Exchange Opportunities for parents, Financial Assistance (Campership) and the Stacy Raye Memorial Scholarship Fund, which will fund children affected by cancer to attend summer camp. Please find applications for each of these programs on this page.

If you have trouble downloading them,
just send us an email to request one via email, fax or snail mail.

Flexible Personalized Payment Plan

We offer these at NO COST to our amazing community. Choose a payment plan option during the online registration process on the checkout page.

Campership Financial Aid application

We offer awards, as small as $40 off/week and up to $240 off/week. Throughout the year, we ask for donations to our fund. Sometimes people round up their tuition by $10, sometimes by $50. We allot all of our funds to Campership Applicants. The amount of this fund varies from year to year. The Founding Director, Heather Mitchell also gives money to the fund yearly. If you think camp is in impossibility due to your financial situation, PLEASE APPLY!

Work/Exchange Opportunities for Parents

Summer only – To start a conversation about possible work exchange, please read details here and if still interested, please contact with your preferred camp dates and hours, and whether you want full or half trade.

We are looking for parents who want to help our Operations Team with various behind the scene tasks, like washing toys, preparing bins and materials for activities, and prepping or cleaning materials before or at the end of the summer. In exchange, parents receive a full or partial discount on camp.  Much of this work entails picking up items from our office in North Berkeley, completing tasks at your home, then returning bins to our office. We require 20 hours of work for a full camper trade for basic day; 20 hours for Counselor in Training with full extended care; 10 hours for a JC basic day. For half trade, you pay the rest in fees with any early-registration or multiple-week discounts pro-rated, or you can apply for a scholarship. Not all weeks are open to work exchange – please view the financial aid application above and any weeks that say N/A are not eligible for work exchange or scholarships.

Stacy Raye Memorial Scholarship

  • Summer Only 2018 Stacy Raye Memorial Scholarship Application. If you know of a child who might benefit, please direct the family to this application.
  • Stacy Raye, one of our camp’s Founding Director’s passed away from cancer in February 2011. We miss her vibrant, kind presence greatly and created the ongoing Stacy Raye Memorial Fund in her honor, to provide children affected by cancer a chance to attend up to a month at Monkey Business and/or Girls on the Go Camp.
  • Read about and contribute in honor of Stacy’s memory here. We can use your support, even if only a few dollars.  We reach over 3,000 families in our newsletter, so if everyone contributes $5, that funds a lot of camp. Contribute $5 or more!


Gift Certificates and Coupons

  • To use a gift certificate, register for camp online, and then call or email us with the code written in the lower right corner of the certificate. If you paid in full, we will process a refund, or if you’ve set up a payment plan, we will update your account with a credit in the amount of the certificate.
  • To use a paper coupon, first complete online registration, then within one week write your child’s name on the coupon and mail it to us at: Monkey Business Camp, 1442A Walnut Street #437, Berkeley, CA 94709. If you paid in full, we will process a refund, or if you’ve set up a payment plan, we will update your account with a credit in the amount of the coupon.
  • To use a mobile coupon, click “redeem” yourself to be shown a code phrase. Complete online registration, entering that code into the box marked “discount code”.